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Miss Coozie McMoozie has been painted by over 110 children, in 9 different classes, at ‘Kids Art Class’. Every child was involved and got to paint part of the Summer Moo…dow design! This has been very much about the children being creative and being involved in a community art exhibition; this is their art to feel proud of and take recognition for their creativity.  The Summer garden theme worked well with the Season of the Hairy Highland Coo Trail. Flowers and gardens generally bring joy and happiness to people so we hoped our artwork would make others smile. The artwork was planned as a build-up painting, allowing each different class to add a layer to the design and build up the picture. It was designed to allow the children to have fun painting with different techniques and equipment. For this moo..dow we have used toothbrushes, cotton buds, sponges, paintbrushes, sticks and fingers! We have painted and hidden some bees and butterflies! Can you find them all? Look everywhere! How many can you find?

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