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Children’s Hospices Across Scotland

Maisy Moonro, the adventurous highland cow, gracefully treks the breathtaking Munros of Perthshire. Known for her independence, Maisy plans each climb, always prepared with Mum‰Ûªs homemade Scottish tablet for the journey.

With a majestic coat flowing in the wind, she embraces the stunning scenery that unfolds before her. The rolling hills and lush landscapes serve as Maisy’s playground, where she navigates rocky paths with ease. Her hooves confidently tread the ancient trails, connecting with the beauty of Perthshire. As the sun sets over the peaks, Maisy Moonro stands triumphant, embodying the spirit of exploration in the heart of the Scottish highlands.


At the end of The Hairy Highland Coo trail our aMOOzing sculptures will be auctioned to raise money for Children’s Hospices Across Scotland. For over thirty years CHAS has been offering a full family support service for babies, children and young people with life-shortening conditions. We’re committed to making sure that no matter how short their time together might be, it is a time filled with happiness and fun.

If you are interested in attending the auction, either in person or online, fill out the intrest form here

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