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About the trail

What is The Hairy Highland coo Trail?

The Hairy Highland coo Trail is one of the few Wild in Art Scottish trails running this year where we will see 30 big coos and 20 mini coos stampede across Perth and Kinross for 10 weeks. The big coos will be painted by local artists and sponsored by local businesses while the mini coos will be painted by local schools.

When is the trail going to be running?

The trail is going to be live from the 28th of June to the 8th of September.

Do I have to pay?

While there are no fees to be able to visit our coo’s, we do suggest that you make a small donation to CHAS when you scan the QR code or put in the 4-digit code on our sculptures. All funds raised will be going straight to supporting children with life shorting illnesses and their families.

How can I find out where the coos are?

We have a handy map that you can download and print off for yourself or alternatively you can download our app which will have a map built in so you can plan your trip!

How is The Hairy Highland coo Trail funded?

We are incredibly grateful to the 30+ local businesses that have sponsored the trail. You can find out all details about our sponsors on the sculpture’s plinth or on our website, and if you’re using the app some of our sponsors have given fantastic rewards for you to collect!

Who are Wild in Art?

Wild in Art is a leading producer of spectacular public art events that entertain, enrich, inform and leave a lasting legacy. It brings together businesses and creative sectors with schools and local communities through the creation of uniquely painted sculptures. Since 2008 Wild in Art has animated cities worldwide, including Manchester, Sydney, Auckland, Cape Town and São Paulo, and created trails for the London 2012 Olympics, the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Historic Royal Palaces and Penguin Random House. Find out more here Wild in Art | International Art Trails & Public Events.

Is the trail going to be accessible?

We will do our absolute best to ensure that all of our coos are in accessible locations, however, if you have spotted a favourite coo and are worried about its location please get in touch!

Where do I find out any updates about the trail?

The best place to keep up any coo trail updates would be our social media channels (@hairyhighlandcootrail) we will update them regularly with any important information.

How do I enter raffles/competitions?

If you have entered one of our coos into your app and it has mentioned a raffle/competition it will also have instructions in the description of the reward detailing how to enter!

Am I allowed to climb on the sculptures?

Unfortunately, not! Our coos while they may look sturdy, we urge everyone to NOT climb on the sculptures, but by all means take photos standing next to them!

Is there going to be any merch?

Yes! We are going to have our trail hub in the St John’s shopping centre in Perth city centre. Our trail hub is open Thursday to Saturday.

What if I see that one of the coos are damaged?

Just let us know! We have logistics in place to make sure that our coos are safe and if there is any damage we will get it sorted. Let us know of any damage by contacting this email –

What if my favourite coo is off the trail?

Unfortunately, there may be cases where some of our coos are a bit worn from the weather or been vandalised, and this will mean that we will bring them back in for a touch up. We will keep you updated as to when the coo will be back on the trail.

The Hairy Highland Coo App

Where can I download the app?

The app is going to be available on both the IOS and Android app stores.

What is a reward?

Many of the sculptures will offer trailgoers rewards through our app, to unlock your reward enter the sculptures code which will be found on the plinth and see what rewards you can get!

Where can I share the pictures that I take along the trail?

We have a section on our app for that! You can upload to the app gallery for everyone to see, also you can post on your own socials, make sure to tag us! @hairyhighlandcootrail.

How do I find the sculptures?

Use the map, pinch and swipe the map to zoom in and out. Location settings on your phone need to be turned ON to be able to see your location on the map. Or go to the sculptures tab to access the sculpture listing and search for the sculpture name, artist or location.

The Farewell Weekend & Auction

When is the farewell weekend?

The farewell weekend will be on the 21st and 22nd of September at Scone Palace.

What if I didn’t manage to see all the coos on the trail?

Don’t worry! We have a farewell weekend on the 21st and 22nd of September at Scone palace, they will be placed all around the gardens of the palace where you can see all of our coos in one place!

Do I have to pay for a ticket for the farewell weekend?

There will be a small fee, £5 for adults and £2.50 for children with all proceeds going straight to CHAS.

Where do I get tickets for the farewell weekend?

They will be available to purchase at the gate of Scone Palace

When/where will the auction take place?

The auction will be held at Scone Palace on the 26th of September

How do I go about getting tickets for the auction?

Tickets are not currently available, however, if you are interested in coming to the auction to bid on one (or more!) of our coos then fill in the interest form, click here!

Will there be an estimated guide price?

Unfortunately not, but from previous trails we know that the sculpture price can range from £3k – £22K with an average price being approx. £7k.

Will the sculptures include the plinth?

Most sculptures will be supplied without the wooden plinth however if you would like one we can discuss this once you’ve purchased your sculpture.

Will the sculptures be delivered?

Delivery is not included with your purchase, however you are able to organise delivery with our logistics partners for an additional fee at or after the auction.

How do I look after my coo?

All of our sculptures have been coated with a special protective varnish to protect them from the elements. You will receive a maintenance guide and if you have any further questions just reach out to the coo team @

About CHAS

What is the Hairy Highland Coo trail raising money for?

The Trail is going to be raising life changing funds to support children and their families who have sadly been affected by life shortening illnesses. It costs CHAS roughly £20 million to provide all of the life changing services that they do meaning the money raised from the trail will be vital to providing these services.

How do I make a donation to CHAS?

There are many ways to donate, you can donate via our website, through The Hairy Highland coo trail app and there will be collection pots dotted around the trail such as where you can pick up your trail maps.

How can I fundraise for CHAS?

We would love that! There are so many ways for you to get involved and raise money for CHAS, no matter how small! Our website has loads of fun ideas for fundraising which you can see here

Planning your trip


Our map is going to be available shortly, in the meantime here is a list of locations to help you plan your trip!












With roughly majority of the coos going in and around Perth city centre!

Our partners & sponsors


We are also looking for a headline sponsor and  an education programme sponsor. We have some incredible tailored packages available for these opportunities.

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